A particularly happy word

Now, if you're not a journalism major like me (or maybe an English major), you may assume I'm just a little bit odd, and that's fine. But every once in a while I run across an interesting word that fairly dances across the page (or screen, in this case).

Today I was reading a New York Times article that contained this delightful word: gamboled. It's a verb meaning "to leap about playfully; frolic" according to the American Heritage Dictionary. (And, if you care, it can also be a noun, gambol, meaning "a playful skipping or frolicking about.")

Anyhow, I was filled with little bits of delight. I can't wait to use it in a sentence.

How about now? Life is short. I feel like gamboling because of this happy discovery!

How wonderful!

This is one of those crazy, girly things I've always hoped would happen. I randomly set up my friend with a coworker's friend who just happened to be in town and they hit it off—and are even going on a second date.

So now I'm giddy and giggly and girly as if I were the one with that long-awaited wonderful date (though I do have a smashingly wonderful husband who really makes me giggly with joy every day).

More sunshine! How splendid.
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