Our wee miracle

He's here!

John "Jack" Stephen Phillips was born Saturday, May 16 at 7:14 p.m. He weighed in at 8 pounds, 15 ounces and measured 20.25 inches long. He has an adorable little bit of brown hair and loves to make very expressive faces. So far, his favorite hobbies are eating and sleeping.

The birth—an emergency c-section—went quite a bit different than we had imagined, but little Jack is healthy and happy, and that is infinitely more important than any plans we may have had.

We are so blessed to be his parents and to share his little life!

Grandma holding baby Jack in the hospital


Worth the wait

It's my first Mother's Day—sort of. Many people were very sweet and gave me warm wishes for the day. It's a bit of an odd feeling to be a mom, but not exactly.

Our baby, Jack, was technically due on Friday, but he's decided to wait a little while before making an appearance. So I halfway expected I would be a mom by today.

I suppose I am a mom, as I have a fully grown baby within me. But somehow it will all feel far more real when I can caress his tiny hands and feet, give him a little kiss, and study all of his features. I'm having a hard time being patient as I wait to meet him—to hold him, see what he looks like, and watch him grow.

Until then, a warm and loving Happy Mother's Day to my own precious mom and to all the other moms I know!


Life's tough when you're pregnant

Of all the symptoms of pregnancy for a preschooler to notice, I wouldn't think frequent potty breaks would be one of them. But apparently, I was wrong.

Our four-year-old nephew asked me if I have to go potty before I head to bed at night. Thinking it was a general question, I responded that going to the bathroom before bed is a wise idea for everyone. But he insisted: "No, do you have to go potty at night, because the baby is pushing on your bladder?" A little surprised, I answered yes.

He thought for a moment. "Do I have a bladder?"

Perhaps he'd assumed it's something you grow only when pregnant.

Apparently, he understood this whole bladder business to be a rather serious health issue. Because a few minutes later, when he asked the blessing on our dinner, he most sincerely prayed, "Please help the baby to come out. And please help the baby to stop pushing on Alison's bladder."

I love kids.
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