A first for everything

I've edited blog posts and commented on them and browsed them—but I've never actually wrote one. I've been procrastinating because I was hoping I could come up with something particularly inspirational or brilliant, but nothing has come to me. So, it's high time I wrote something and at least put keyboard impression to screen.

I plan to write about things that bother me, drive me crazy, and get me down. That's the mud. And I plan to write about sincere joy, little sources of delight, and life-is-beautiful moments. That, of course, is the sunshine. A little random, yes, but a small reflection of what's truly important: hard times and good days, laughter and tears, harsh words and warm hugs. Without the full picture of life, we would not develop into the people we were meant to become, and not have the influence we were meant to have.

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