Delights of the season

My husband and I just returned from a lovely time with my family.

We were treated royally by my parents, who hospitably hosted us and generously treated us to all sorts of wonderful things. My mother made delicious meals, helped me sew a baby quilt (far from perfect, but I like it and I doubt our tiny son will notice my imperfections), and shopped with me. My dad took me to lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant and gave me great big dad hugs. The whole family (parents, two brothers, sister-in-law, and two nieces) was together much of the time, eating, laughing, opening presents, playing games, visiting museums, taking a ferry ride, staying in a hotel, soaking in a hot tub (just feet for me), and laughing some more.

Highlights included a night out for my parents' 39th anniversary, a scrumptious Christmas dinner, an overnight trip to Victoria, seeing the 2010 Olympic Oval, watching our 10-year-old niece sing with her choir, and having great chats.

Thank you, Dad and Mom, for making our time there so extra special! Indeed, it was a very merry Christmas.


Boy oh boy!

We waited in suspense this morning as the ultrasound technician pointed out all different aspects of our little one's body. It was truly amazing to see little fists clench, tiny legs kick, wee feet squirm, and a small head turn. She measured the waist and the head, and showed us the baby's heart up close, and turned on sound so we could hear it beat.

Finally, she began to type, "Little..." That got my attention. My eyes glued even a little more firmly to the screen.

It's a little boy!

We are both delighted, my husband maybe a little more so, because he's really wanted a boy from the beginning, and has been next to positive in the past months that our little one is male.

Our little boy may be quite a handful. This could be a shocker because both my husband and I tend to be on the quieter side (as children and adults). He was squirming and wiggling all over, as if he were playing one of his first games of hide and seek with us. It was actually quite humorous, as he would pop up on the ultrasound screen for a few seconds and then sink back away into my uterus, with his hands in front of him. He was probably getting a bit disgusted with all the poking from the ultrasound wand.

I've already purchased his crib bedding; I had my eye on a great deal on a cute nautical set at Overstock.com. Most likely, it will still be online tomorrow, and for days after that, but I wanted to be sure. Poor kid doesn't have a name yet, but his nursery will be fully outfitted :-).

Oh, the joy of a boy! I can't wait to meet him.

Baby Phillips doing a little headstand for us. His head is on the bottom right.


A Comment Conundrum

Little S recently told me that she hasn't been able to leave comments on my blog in a few months. (Thank you for the head's up!)

I'm wondering if anyone else has tried to comment and run into the same issue. If you have, and you could let me know by sending a short e-mail to alison@ilacommunications.com, I would really appreciate it!

Have a conundrum-free day!


Just a week!

In just a week, I will have an ultrasound that should tell my husband and me the baby's gender. This is one of the most unique and exciting moments in all my life.

I love how God brings us excitement, but of all different shades so that we can enjoy life a little more fully. For example, the thrill of my wedding day and the beautiful wonder of a little one within me have evoked such different feelings in me—but both are utterly splendid.

Now, to wait a whole week...


Precious little life

Lately, I've been feeling tiny flickers of life from our precious baby. It's thrilling to have some real proof that the little one is stretching, growing, and learning how to be a person who can live on his or her own someday. It seems these sensations are a tad more frequent each day—or perhaps I am recognizing the feeling just a bit more.

I read that feeling an unborn baby move is like popcorn popping or a gold fish swimming. I don't know about you, but I've never swallowed kernels and hopped in the microwave, or downed a pet fish and experienced an opposite Jonah effect. I'm not sure that these descriptions were exactly helpful. But what I do feel are little flicks, as if someone is lightly flicking me with an index finger—except from the inside. That may be just as vague and hard to imagine, but I think it makes a bit more sense.

The whole concept of having a child who will live with us and be ours is getting a little more real and a little more exciting as the pregnancy progresses. It is still somewhat odd to think about—us changing our lives to be parents. I've heard many a person say since I announced the baby's May arrival that it will transform our lives more than we know. I imagine it will—and I can't wait.
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