The year of 2

It may be two whole months into 2011, but here I am (umm, better late than never?). I haven't posted in a while for no particular reason—just life in general gets busy and blogging hits the very bottom rung of the priority ladder.

This year, Jack will turn 2. Wow. It really seems like yesterday that I was pregnant and imagining what his tiny self would look like. Now, I'm happy to say that he has my husband's good looks and is giggling his way through life (even when he's sick, and this winter has been rough on him). He's learning more and more words every day.

Being 2 means making the leap from the church nursery to Sunday school. Also crazy. We were pretty concerned about this because 1) he doesn't talk in sentences yet, and 2) he liked to eat crayons. But recently he learned the word Bible and discovered coloring is in fact more fun than biting the tops off of crayons. So I feel a bit better about that one. Now to complete potty training (in which we are making slooooow progress).

The sweetest part of this 20-something-month-old stage for me is the new ability to express love. He knows the sign for love, says "hug" when he reaches for one, gives his daddy and me kisses, and has recently started loving his stuffed animals—saying "Night, night" and covering them with a blanket, hugging and kissing them, and handing them to me for more hugs and kisses. Adorable.

I recently pulled back significantly on the (already small) amount of work I do from home (thanks to my hard-working, wonderful husband), so that has given me even more time to spend with him and watch him explore his world.

Did I mention I love being his mom?
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