An Easter hug

I was walking through the grocery store today toward the egg section (so my husband and I can enjoy some egg-decorating) when out of the corner of my eye I saw a little girl. Before I knew it, I had been hugged. Startled, I looked down and saw it was a child who is in my Sunday school class.

What a surprise of love and joy! It truly made my day.

Later, I reflected on the fact that her hug, in some small way, represents what Easter is all about. God surprised us with love when He sent His Son to die and rise again for us. We didn't deserve it and we didn't expect it. And that love, when accepted as a free gift, produces unspeakable joy—now and forever.



I was upset the other day by what some so-called systems of faith have done to damage their adherents, and how those adherents are so horribly blinded to any sense of truth.

This was brought on, in part, by reading the blog of a girl who was forced to disown her teenage sister because her religion demanded it as a requirement to gain favor with God. Around the same time, a couple who is part of a cult stopped by our door. (My husband was delighted; he loves the opportunity to share God's truth with people, and what better opportunity than when someone comes to your house and asks to discuss religion?)

So it was out of this frustration and a small hope to attempt to spread some rays of sunshine and truth in these lives that I've started a new blog, Talking Religion. I am not convinced about how long it will last, but I do hope to muse for a little while about the importance of honesty with self and God and the seeking of a true and vibrant faith, not a stale, forced one.

Check it out some time if you like, and let me know what you think.


A tiny new beginning

Spring is my favorite season. The warm air, pretty blossoms, and windy afternoons breathe freshness into the everyday and offer hope of a new beginning after a winter of shivers, snow, and blah moments.

New life is a significant part of the season, too; baby birds and tiny flowers appear. Easter is a beautiful reminder of spiritual rebirth.

But what better way to celebrate warmer days than not just to wax poetic and treasure springtime symbolism but to really welcome new life? My friend is having a precious little boy in a couple of weeks; this weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for her. She had a glorious glow (even though she said it's just because pregnancy makes her feel warm all the time).

Babies are born every day and I think for this reason I fail sometimes to see the miracle they really are. To think that only nine months ago this child didn't even exist—and now he is preparing to poke his head into the world and see the faces of those who already love him dearly. Every tiny body part—from little lips to squirming toes—will be in perfect proportion, lovingly formed by the Creator of all.

He will be fresh from heaven, just in time for spring.
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