Boy oh boy!

We waited in suspense this morning as the ultrasound technician pointed out all different aspects of our little one's body. It was truly amazing to see little fists clench, tiny legs kick, wee feet squirm, and a small head turn. She measured the waist and the head, and showed us the baby's heart up close, and turned on sound so we could hear it beat.

Finally, she began to type, "Little..." That got my attention. My eyes glued even a little more firmly to the screen.

It's a little boy!

We are both delighted, my husband maybe a little more so, because he's really wanted a boy from the beginning, and has been next to positive in the past months that our little one is male.

Our little boy may be quite a handful. This could be a shocker because both my husband and I tend to be on the quieter side (as children and adults). He was squirming and wiggling all over, as if he were playing one of his first games of hide and seek with us. It was actually quite humorous, as he would pop up on the ultrasound screen for a few seconds and then sink back away into my uterus, with his hands in front of him. He was probably getting a bit disgusted with all the poking from the ultrasound wand.

I've already purchased his crib bedding; I had my eye on a great deal on a cute nautical set at Overstock.com. Most likely, it will still be online tomorrow, and for days after that, but I wanted to be sure. Poor kid doesn't have a name yet, but his nursery will be fully outfitted :-).

Oh, the joy of a boy! I can't wait to meet him.

Baby Phillips doing a little headstand for us. His head is on the bottom right.

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Marianne Johnson said...

I'm a bit biased....but I have to say having a boy is such a joy! There is nothing like a mommy/son bond and seeing him race to the door when his daddy comes home melts my heart. You're going to LOVE it!

Oh, and on a totally different topic...I wanted to tell you that on my mac, I can't comment if I am working in Safari because the word verification has an error. However, in Firefox I'm able to comment. Yours isn't the only site I've had that problem with though so I'm wondering if blogger suddenly changed some type of setting.

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