Delights of the season

My husband and I just returned from a lovely time with my family.

We were treated royally by my parents, who hospitably hosted us and generously treated us to all sorts of wonderful things. My mother made delicious meals, helped me sew a baby quilt (far from perfect, but I like it and I doubt our tiny son will notice my imperfections), and shopped with me. My dad took me to lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant and gave me great big dad hugs. The whole family (parents, two brothers, sister-in-law, and two nieces) was together much of the time, eating, laughing, opening presents, playing games, visiting museums, taking a ferry ride, staying in a hotel, soaking in a hot tub (just feet for me), and laughing some more.

Highlights included a night out for my parents' 39th anniversary, a scrumptious Christmas dinner, an overnight trip to Victoria, seeing the 2010 Olympic Oval, watching our 10-year-old niece sing with her choir, and having great chats.

Thank you, Dad and Mom, for making our time there so extra special! Indeed, it was a very merry Christmas.


David said...

It sounds like you both had a wonderful time with your family. Glad you had a nice Christmas. Happy New Year Alison and Bill!

David said...

that comment was supposed to be from me. Oops :) Becky Z.

Becky said...

I fixed it. Now it's really me this time. :-)

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