The joy of forever young

I joined a Bible study recently, initially in the spirit of meeting new people. I also wanted to learn more of God's Word but I have to admit that wasn't my primary focus (please attempt not to gasp at my honesty :-). I had already joined a Bible study through my own church for that purpose, and wouldn't have joined another at the same time had it not been for the friendship factor. I have only lived in this town for a year and a half and I feel I've met the majority of people I know so far through my church. Expanding the circle of people I am blessed to know was the goal.

Anyway, I've only gone a couple of times so I cannot for sure judge if I'm going to make fabulous friends or even a few acquaintances. What I do know is I am overjoyed with what I am learning about the Bible.

Yesterday, the speaker said something profound. She said that our soul will never die, a well-known fact at least among Christians. The joyful part of this is that there is no need for our soul to ever get old. So we can (and perhaps should) always be young in spirit, even if we live to have wrinkles and canes and false teeth. We can sing in the shower, dance while we're making dinner, and shout "I love you!" to our husbands at random moments.I think it's an unfortunate thing that many people's spirits do whither along with their bodies. They shouldn't. They should bloom. It is as if they are growing into a more incredibly beautiful flower each day, reaching toward heaven.

I've decided that if I make new friends through this Bible study, I will be delighted. But if all I do is sit and soak up the wonderful insights, I will still be filled with joy.


Anonymous said...

I can't stop reading the insightful hints throughout your postings Al. What a breath of fragrant air! Thank you for your honesty, positiveness, and truth. love, g

Alison said...


Thanks for your comments! They are so encouraging :-). I hope you are doing well and have a wonderful weekend.

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