A little bit of happiness

My job is not a very upfront position. I like it that way. It is fulfilling to feel I'm having a significant impact through my work without dealing with any form of a spotlight (I get sweaty-palms nervous even when I have to make a little presentation).

At the same time, it's fun when someone makes a kind comment that makes me realize some people out there are benefiting from the work I do. So thanks, Kanakuk marketers, for passing on a little bit of happiness.


Little S said...

Congratulations! It's always nice to get a little recognition.

Jay Holden said...


Thanks for linking to my blog. I really did appreciate the talented writing and editing. I'll come back to this blog for more of it :-)

Alison said...

Thanks, Jay! I'm glad the magazine article was helpful to your ministry.

Thanks, Little S, for the kind comment!

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