The glory of green

My husband and I enjoyed a splendid vacation to the Northeastern U.S. and the Canadian Maritime provinces in early September. We saw historic places and buildings on the Freedom Trail in Boston and little towns in Maine, and had the pleasure of spending time with two cousins and an aunt and uncle in New Brunswick.

The ultimate goal of the trip (from my perspective) was Prince Edward Island, where acres and acres of perfectly manicured, lush lawns were accompanied by red, storybook barns. Even though rain fell frequently, the trip was full of sunshine. We visited breezy, beautiful beaches, encountered friendly people, and spent time traipsing through Anne of Green Gables attractions (admittedly the reason we were there—I admired all the stuff of little girl dreams and imagined Anne herself, while my husband patiently accompanied me).

Even if I had never loved Anne or her playful, pretend world, I would still have deeply admired PEI. It is truly a beautiful part of God's beautiful world. As Anne once said, "The world looks like something God had just imagined for His own pleasure, doesn't it?"

Green Gables, a Canadian National Historic Site, sits on a perky green lawn on a very rainy day.
The building nearly became a clubhouse for a nearby golf course.

Anne Shirley's bedroom, in the Green Gables house around which the author created the story.


Little S said...

I am SO jealous! I have always wanted to go to PEI! Next time, leave your "patient" husband home and I will go with you. :-)

Alison said...

I had always wanted to go to PEI, too. This vacation was a combo of a little girl dream come true and the last trip with just Bill and I before we have a child. It took a lot of convincing to get my husband to go (it helped that we stopped in Boston), but he was very sweet about it. :-) We should plan a trip some time! I would not hesitate to go back.

Little S said...

Are you pregnant!? I heard a rumor, but wasn't certain.

Lucas and Marianne said...

such fun! I so remember Anne of Green Gables growing up. I would so love to see those attractions some day!

Little S said...


John and Janel Breitenstein said...

How cool! Loved the photos. What a neat trip!!

rissaroe said...

Looks like such a great trip. Lucas and I went to PEI on our honeymoon.... and I agree, it IS BEAUTIFUL! So glad you and Bill got to see it, too!

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