A whole half year

Really? Already?! It's hard to believe some days that this little guy has been in our lives for a whole six months. At other times, it feels like he's been part of our family forever.

He's sitting up (mostly) on his own and busy, busy, busy. I feel that when he crawls he will take off like a little rocket ship. Even though he hasn't mastered that skill, he is getting pretty good at transporting himself by wiggling to and fro in his ever-urgent quest to grab and put that pretty piece of [fill in the blank with the closest object] in his mouth. The accompanying grunts of effort are priceless.

He also loves to talk in varying pitches, tones, and vowel-consonant combinations. Every so often, we imagine that he's said words. Of course he has no idea what he's saying, but we did catch, "Brrr," "Mom-mom," and "Oh, boy" (the latter was the cutest yet).

His final adventure is eating. Perhaps it's more of an adventure for me as I play: "Let's figure out what you like to eat." So far, he just says no to rice and oatmeal cereals (although he does eat some of it begrudgingly). He loves sweet potatoes but sadly he might be allergic.

He's still completely lovable, and his smiles and big eyes melt my heart. Maybe they will forever.

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Heidi said...

Just an FYI on sweet potatoes... they definately make 'em poop. :) Lots of fiber or something. :) I hope he's not allergic cause it's one of my girls' favorites too!!

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