Money-Saving Monday: Stockpiling

Stockpiling is the art of finding free (or practically free) stuff and acquiring lots of it so that by the time you need more of that particular thing, you can find an excellent deal on it again. This works especially well for toiletries and for food items, such as cereal or pasta, that have a long shelf-life.

Recently, I've been stockpiling more things. Last week, for example, dental floss and shampoo were free at Walgreen's, so I got several of each. Cake mixes were on a great sale at my local grocery store, so I stocked up on those, too. I'm looking forward to using this strategy to really cut down on our grocery spending. (I've done this for a while with toiletries such as toothpaste and shaving cream.)     

The one little wrinkle in the stockpiling plan is storage. My husband cleaned out some cupboards in his office so we could keep some of our extras there. We also use cupboards in the laundry room and the linen closet for some items. It's amazing how motivating it is to create room for free stuff!

Do you have any stock-piling tips or creative storage solutions? Please share them!      


Glenda said...

We stock up on can veg. in the summer when they go on sell. Our garage that we us as a outside play room for the kids, is my drop off zone for our stocking up items. I wish i knew about the great sells that were going on.

Heidi said...

We stock up on cereal when I get a good deal! Where I live there are always some cereal coupons and sometimes if you buy so many you get so much off of your bill! Random storage that we found since we have a tiny kitchen was this random small closet in our stairwell wall. My husband taped off categories (sauces/soups, canned fruits/veggies, miscellaneous). :)

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