Mother of mine

For the first time in many years, I will have the honor of sharing Mother's Day with my own precious mom (she and I live thousands of miles apart). I'm excited to be with her and to show her how much I appreciate her—both now, and for all she did while I was growing from baby to little girl to teen.

There are many, many reasons why she is wonderful. Here are a few:

1. She gives warm hugs and is almost always adorned with a cheerful smile.
2. She's been there for me at every stage of my life, blessing me with love each step I take. A recent memory: When I got married, she sewed my wedding dress, three bridesmaids dresses, two candle lighter dresses, and the ring bearer's pillow, and put countless hours into other special details.
3. She's talented at crafts and sewing.
4. She is an excellent cook. I love her scones, ice box rolls, roast beef dinners, and so much more. Yum!
5. She calls now and then just to chat.
6. She opens her home and her heart to so many people. In the past, she's taught Bible studies, ESL classes, and children's classes, had people over for dinner or tea, babysat young children to give mothers a break, volunteered as a youth camp cook, baked cookies for people, and done many other loving things about which I may never know.
7. She has a great sense of humor. Family gatherings are a joy.
8. She is very diligent, always keeping her home in order and working on her home sewing business.
9. She is caring and offers a helping hand or equally helpful advice to me and others in need.
10. She's smart, especially in the areas of math and science. She's a nurse, so she has great medical tips for me when I ask.

I love you, Mom!

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