Onward toward the goal

One day short of a month ago, I mentioned that I had created a scrapbooking goal because I am so desperately behind in my albums. I also wrote that I wanted to use this blog as a form of accountability in my scrapbooking.

So here's an update: Since I penned that post, I have completed 20 pages. This accounts for some of August, and all of September, as well as the vast majority of October 2006 (I still have two pages to do).

My original goal was 12 pages or three months' worth of photos. I've decided to make the schedule a little more agressive and do 20 pages (unless I complete three months of photos in fewer pages), lest I still be working on my photos from my first years of married life when I've got a cane in hand.

Here's a recent two-page layout:


Big T & Little S said...

Cute pages! Wish we lived closer so we could have scrapbook weekends together!

Alison said...

Little s,

That would be so very fun! :-) I think scrapbooking with others is great, and I try to get together with friends or my sister-in-law from time to time. I like being at home, too, though, because I have accesss to all my stuff :-).

I hope the packing is going well!

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