Gearing up

Lately, we've been accumulating gobs of baby gear for our little one who is due to enter the world in about three months. The nursery (which still contains a double bed we've used for guests) is jam-packed. Having these items makes the whole idea of parenting a little more real.

I was especially grateful for all the good deals God provided for us, including:
  • A wooden rocking chair in a furniture store's clearance section
  • A dresser my husband's parents gave us (cute childhood furniture of my husband's that happens to match the rocking chair and crib splendidly)
  • A coupon we used to save on the high chair
  • The exact stroller, playpen, and car seat we wanted at a discount baby store
  • A fabulous deal on crib bedding online
Plus, very generous people have given us assorted gear and toys and plenty of adorable little pants, shirts, pajamas, hats, and booties (I especially love a tiny Hawaiian shirt). My sweet sister-in-law and a few kind friends are planning a shower for mid-March, so I'm sure I have a lot more ooohing and aaahing to do.

Now that we've accumulated most of the essentials, there's the hard work of carpeting and painting (OK—my husband's hard work on the carpet) before the real fun of decorating the room begins. The bedding and decor will be in a nautical theme, a thrifty move since I'm transferring many of the decorations from another room.

I can't wait to welcome our baby into his little world!

I envisioned having a traditional, wooden rocking chair.
The blanket on the back is part of the nautical bedding set.

Some of the baby gear: high chair, stroller, car seat
The book "Baby Bargains" was a lifesaver! I highly recommend it.

My husband assembling the high chair

A smile for just completing the car seat assembly

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