And the votes are in...

Thanks to all 43 of you who participated in the baby name poll!

Caleb holds the number-one slot with 16 votes (or 37 percent). That's one of my favorite names, but it's not flying with my husband. (Also, I've sadly since discovered that it doesn't have the most flattering meaning: dog.) Other top names were:
  • Hudson (10 votes)
  • Matthew and Oliver (6 votes each)
  • Luke (5 votes)
  • Charles (4 votes)

Less popular were Isaac, Russell, and Thomas, with three votes each. Carl and Henry each got two (odd, since Carl Henry was a famous theologian), and Clark, James, and Walter just one. Poor Theodore and Ivan got left out in the cold with not a single vote, probably a nice, clear indicator that we should stay away from those.

My husband also ran a poll on his blog. Interestingly, James got the top vote, followed by Caleb and Luke. Oliver, Henry (Hank), Russell (Rush), Clark, Matthew, and Charles also got the thumbs up from a few people.

More recently, we've discussed Jonathan and Jack.

Regarding the later, I'd like to name him Jack, but my husband thinks we should put John on the birth certificate and call him Jack because it is odd to give a child a nickname as his full name. He has a great point, but I believe many people consider Jack a name in its own right (your opinions on this are welcome). And it seems slightly strange to name him one thing and have no intention whatsoever of calling him that (though he could chose John when he's older, of course).

Don't worry, baby, you'll have a name before you're born—I hope! :-)


Anonymous said...

You could always go with "Jackson."

rissaroe said...

Lucas and I went through the same nickname/ formal name dilemma. We knew we wanted to name our little girl "Maggie." Lucas thought we should put "Margaret" on her birth certificate, and I thought we should just put "Maggie." In the end, we went ahead and put "Margaret" on the official records, but now it sort of annoys me, because everytime I take her to the doctor, they call her "Margaret." And we NEVER call her Margaret, so it's a little odd. But Lucas still thinks she may want to be a Margaret instead of a Maggie someday.... I doubt it.

Good luck with the naming! I know you'll pick just the right one for your sweet little guy.

Anonymous said...

I feel my dream of naming my son Hank slipping away.


Anonymous said...

I love the name Jack! Several people in my extended family have an official name on their birth certificate and either go by their middle name, or another name altogether. I think either one would be acceptable. That's my two cents! I'm a little late on the vote, but thought I'd finally offer an openion. Good luck! -Sarah M.

Anonymous said...

opinion - I just caught my spelling error! :)

"Cousin" Beth said...

I know of several people who don't name their baby until after the baby is born. Sometimes they have a name picked out, but once they see the baby, they say that it just doesn't "fit". I didn't have a name when I was born, either, since I was 6 1/2 weeks early. My parents had to sit and pick out a name before my mom could leave the hospital! :-)

The Chatty Housewife said...

Oliver and Russel are my favorites (I didn't vote.)

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