A little room for a little one

In the past several weeks, we've been accumulating lots of baby items for the nursery and beyond. We even got a new (to us) car, as our two-door car wouldn't be suitable for a baby. It's amazing how much our lives have changed already—and our little boy hasn't yet even poked his head into the world.

Now, we're getting down to the final details, which means we are decorating the nursery. Last weekend, I painted one wall blue; family members are coming over on Saturday to help us paint the rest of it cream. Before they arrive, we'll need to get some furniture out of the room that is moving to other parts of the house. I have some nautical decorations to put up on the walls, and my husband plans to install a ceiling fan and new carpet. Then, we'll bring in the furniture (crib, dresser, rocking chair, and bookcase) and window coverings.

The baby is due to arrive in just eight weeks. I can't wait to have his little room ready for his appearance in the big, wide world.


Anonymous said...

Your ideas sound great and how nice that everybody is so enthusiastic! When you are done, you should enter some pics in our nursery pictures contest. I'd love to hear details of how you put it all together so well.

Here's the url


Here are some pictures entered from past contests:


The Chatty Housewife said...

..."poked his head into the world" hehe! I don't know why that sounds so funny! Congrats on finding out your baby is a boy (I haven't stopped by for a while, so it was new to me news.)

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