A new plan

It's time for a confession.

I was gung-ho about completing my outstanding scrapbook projects before my little boy's birth. Armed with a plan (and then, later, an accelerated plan), I was determined to snip and tape until my book was up to date.

Now, however, I am hopelessly behind. While I've worked on my album a bit here and there, I remain in November 2007. A busy work schedule, made worse by pregnancy-induced tiredness, has not been helpful. And my priorities have shifted away from stickers and ribbons to blankets and bears as my husband and I have shopped and prepared for our baby.

I'm a bit frustrated, because I want to be caught up on older photos so I can make a book of memories about my baby as he grows.

Enter: new plan.

I am resigning from my full-time job (although I hear motherhood can keep one quite busy, too!) about two weeks before the little one pokes his head into the world. If all goes well and I have the baby close to his due date, I will have several days of peace to focus on catch-up. If I'm not done when the baby is born (imagine that!), I'll work on his album alongside my photos of pre-child life with my husband.

Here's hoping my new plan works. Either way, I can't wait to take lots of photos of the little guy to treasure.


Megan Miller said...

According to his scrapbook Lucas will forever be 4 months old. I gave up. May your plan work better than mine! ;o)

Beth said...

I hope that you do a better job of chronicling your baby's life than I was! I have a photo album of my oldest for the first few years, the second one for about the first year, and none for the other 5! :-( I do have a bunch of old photos in a box somewhere that moved with us when we left CA 9 years ago, and quite a few pics on the computer, but...

Enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy!

Alison said...

I'm going to try to stick with it. We shall see :-). I have made several albums, starting with our dating and through our wedding and first year and a half of marriage (and we are coming up on three years...yipes).

You could always make an album for each of your kids when they graduate from high school or get married, say, one or two pages per year of their lives. A little less overwhelming, perhaps :-).

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