Just a few days!

It's so difficult to believe that in just a few days my husband and I will be parents. (The official due date is May 8.) I suppose technically we've been parents for almost nine months, but as my husband puts it, "I'm sure he's a lot easier to take care of in there than he will be out here."

The excitement of meeting our little boy—combined with the anticipation of labor—is almost overwhelming. I'm not sure whether to be overjoyed (I can't wait to hold baby Jack and kiss his little cheeks! Won't it be wonderful to see my husband be a dad!) or just completely panic (Our house is not quite organized for the baby! Will I be a good mom? What if we've forgotten to read up on some critical aspect of childcare?! And labor—yikes!).

Thankfully, the baby is coming soon, no matter how ready I do or do not feel. I am grateful that God is in control of our little family. Last night, some songs on the radio reminded me of how much I needed Him—at this time in my life, and always.

It's a comfort to know God picked us to be parents to Jack, and him to be our son. How honored we are to be blessed with such a beautiful miracle.

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Beth said...

Yeah! Bill is right - it IS a lot easier to parent when the baby is in the womb. But oh, the joys of holding that precious little life in your arms is something that cannot be compared. The first one will change your life forever in a way that no future child will, but it is a VERY worthwhile change.

I'm looking forward to hearing good news!

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