Handmade Yipee

Today my husband had an exceptional work accomplishment, and I wanted to congratulate him in a special way.

But since I was supposed to be working, I had very little time. I thought of giving him a little card, but there was nothing appropriate in my greeting-card stash. I stared at my scrapbook supplies, still helter-skelter from my work last night on a Christmas 2006 page. And I thought, "Hey, I can make a card!" This may be logical to some, but I've never made a card from scratch and never thought I would. (I've always had the excuses that it was easier to buy one, and I needed to use all my craft time to get caught up on my scrapbook.)

So, here is my very first (and very quick) attempt at making a greeting card. I stuck it on top of his monitor with a few chocolate kisses and changed his screen saver to a marquee with a little congratulations message.

Yipee for Bill!

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Big T & Little S said...

I'm glad you're blogging again. I noticed on your blog that you have a feature that shows when everyone posted. How did you do that?

By the way, I was surprised that you didn't post about Canada Day. :-)

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