Still scrapbooking

Amidst celebrating the Fourth with a family BBQ and fireworks, joining in the joy of some friends' first anniversary party (and losing at a newlywed game my husband and I were solicited to participate in—quite fun, but slightly embarrassing), teaching kids the essence of Romans chapter 9, and sleeping in, I worked on my scrapbook.

I had looked forward to this weekend (I even took a half day off today, just for fun) because I've recently managed to sidestep my scrapbooking goals completely. This weekend, I glued, cut, and created my way through 14 pages.

Since my last update in the beginning of May, I've made 34 pages, landing me within two layouts of completing April 2007. This is somewhat short of my 20-page-or-three-months-of-photos-per-month goal (I should have 40 pages done or be working on May memories), but I'm still pleased that I've made some significant progress.

Here's a layout I made this weekend about the fun my husband and our little nephew have together:

P.S. I must confess that my very first card (see previous post) had a spelling error. I discovered quite accidentally that yippee is spelled with two p's, and not one. My husband, being the sweet guy that he is, was content with his card, foibles and all.


Mary Lu said...

Way to go on setting a goal and doing your best with family and life to stick with it! I was 6-7 years behind in pictures when I started scrapbooking in 2001. I set a goal of doing three months each month for a little over three years. It seemed daunting at first, but I did it! I'm current today, and I'm loving it! Keep up the good work!

Cali said...

That's a lot of scrapbooking. I love to see people so committed to the world's greatest art form (biased of course).

Alison said...

Wow! Congrats, Mary Lu! It's very inspiring that you had that many years to do and you stuck with it and completed them. That is quite the accomplishment.

Cali, I appreciate your encouragement, too!

Happy scrapbooking!

rissaroe said...

I think that "Yipee" is just as happy sounding and looking as "Yippee." I say roll with a post-modern "do what works for you" spelling on this one.

It's fun to see your blog, too!

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