Life's a picnic

I had not paused till recently to contemplate that phrase. Really, what is a picnic? It's fun and fresh air and pushing kids on swings, but it's also bees and flapping tablecloths and sand dancing on your face.

My husband's sister called up and wanted to have an outdoor meal Sunday, so we picked up KFC, packed a few necessities, and walked over to a nearby park to meet her and her adorable little boys. After we ate, I chatted with a lady in the park (she was there with a separate group from my church to celebrate a couple kids' birthdays) about the downfalls of picnics. There's the getting all your stuff together—and, in her case, getting her kids together—and leaving behind the comforts and, to some degree, safety of home.

There are little (and big) inconveniences, but there's that underlying joy of being outside and hearing children giggle and treasuring family time. Sometimes it's more fun than others, depending on the weather and the company.

Yep, life is a picnic.

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