The 100-page mark

I must admit I am quite behind on my catch-up-on-memories scrapbooking goal.

However, I have made some progress. Since my last update in early July (thanks to the retreat!), I've made 46 pages, landing me within two layouts of completing September 2007. If I were in line with my goal, I would have made at least 60 pages and/or be wrapping up pages that featured photos taken in April 2008.

Still, I try to comfort myself with the overall good news: Since I set my goal this past April, I've scrapped through about 13 months of memories in 100 pages (or 50 layouts).

There's also renewed incentive: I want to be caught up before our little one is born at the beginning of May so I don't fall behind on some of the most precious memories in our lives. (Plus I imagine nurturing my tiny bundle—and sleep for me—will be more of a priority than hours of catch-up scrapbooking at that point. :-) In order to do this, I'll need to complete September and scrap October this weekend, and then create three months worth of pages per month through April 2009.

So, getting caught up is a little muddy, but being caught up will be pure sunshine!

A summer 2007 trip my husband and I took to visit some friends
in Washington State, including the Little Nuggets.


¡Yo Programo! said...

Hi Alison, If you get a chance to come to Washington state again, We'd like to see you (if it's possible) We live in Pasco now (Tri-cities).
Hope you are feeling well. :-)

Lucas and Marianne said...

Get it done now! It's all over after the little one comes...just kidding. You will feel great though once you've accomplished your goal.

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