Hello, second trimester

My first trimester of pregnancy took me a bit by surprise. Compared to some horror stories I've heard, it was nothing. Still, I underestimated the toll that the excitement/nervousness about being a parent combined with the hormonal-driven emotional roller coaster (my husband will attest to the fact that I haven't exactly hopped off), a little queasiness here and there, and lots of that very drained feeling would take on me. It put a damper on my motivation to work, to clean, to scrapbook, or to socialize. Obviously, I did those things during that time but I didn't do them as well—and I felt pretty blah the whole time. It didn't help that during that time I'd taken on extra commitments (before I knew I would become pregnant).

So here's to the second trimester, which I've just begun. For the past couple of weeks, I've been sleeping better, and feeling queasy only very occasionally. In general I have much more (read: normal) energy. For example: To get caught up with various work projects, one day last week I worked from 7:30 a.m. to midnight, and I was completely motivated and fairly energetic (at least before about 11 p.m.) the vast majority of the time.

Another positive on the way is maternity clothes, for two reasons: 1) While I'm not exactly thrilled to be spherical—as my husband kindly puts it—(although I am excited to be able to sort of see the baby is there), I really to want to wear those shirts and jeans I excitedly purchased at about the two-month mark. As the days slip by, I think, And I spent all that money for just six months—or less? I just own some basics so far, but I'd certainly like to get some wear out of them. 2) I have a very limited number of pants I can fit into at this point, and it's getting slightly old and slightly uncomfortable. But maternity pants sag a little still.

And the biggest bonus of the second trimester? That bundle of joy is a little closer to being in our arms.

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