A beautiful heart

Yesterday my husband and I were again delighted to hear the tiny heart of our little one beat: swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. It is a phenomenal feeling to recognize that a small person is growing inside of me. Some days, it's even hard to believe. But the heartbeat leaves no room for denial.

The doctor said the baby was squirming around quite a bit, which made it tricky to find the heartbeat for a few seconds. I couldn't feel him or her move, but it was fun to think about the wee one wiggling and imagine how it must look.

The next doctor's appointment in about a month brings more excitement: Finding out the baby's gender.

I hear over and over again that I should enjoy these moments since the child will soon arrive and our lives will be fuller than ever before. So we're trying to be patient, but we're also overflowing with anticipation. A boy? A girl? My husband is convinced our little one is a boy, but only time will tell :-).

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